Throughout the years, hundreds of medical devices have been deemed “defective”.

Such defective devices range from birth control and breast implants to artificial hips, knees and heart stents.

Although medical devices have helped to revolutionize health care, they also have the potential to cause serious physical injuries or death when they are defective. When this occurs, the medical device manufacturers instead cause injuries to the very patients who needed medical help.

Furthermore, instead of recalling a faulty device, some manufacturers will try to cover up the problem and deny the defective nature of their device. When the product remains available to consumers and patients, more people will inevitably suffer injuries. It is then the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) responsibility to issue a product recall to remove that device from the marketplace. Unfortunately, this step is often the last resort, occurring only after hundreds or even thousands of consumers become injured.

The attorneys at Sauder Schelkopf will stand up for patients and families that have been devastated by defective medical devices.

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