Apple Card Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Sauder Schlekopf is investigating gender discrimination on behalf of Apple Card users.

As reported by KTLA on Nov. 11, 2019:

The New York Department of Financial Services is looking into allegations of gender discrimination against users of the Apple Card, which is administered by Goldman Sachs.

The allegations blew up on Twitter Saturday after tech entrepreneur David Heinmeier Hansson wrote that Apple Card offered him twenty times the credit limit as his wife, although they have shared assets and she has a higher credit score. Many other users voiced similar experiences — including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak said his credit limit was 10 times that of his wife, despite the fact that they share all assets and accounts.

“Some say the blame is on Goldman Sachs, but the way Apple is attached, they should share responsibility,” Wozniak tweeted.

Hansson wrote that after reaching out to Apple in an attempt to rectify the situation, he was told credit limits are determined by an algorithm. . . .

A spokesperson for Goldman Sachs said the company does not consider gender in determining credit limits.
“As with any other individual credit card, your application is evaluated independently,” the company said in a statement to CNN Business. “We look at an individual’s income and an individual’s creditworthiness, which includes factors like personal credit scores, how much debt you have, and how that debt has been managed. Based on these factors, it is possible for two family members to receive significantly different credit decisions.”

Hansson, in his Twitter thread, said the program’s decision to offer his wife such a low credit limit was so striking that they feared her identity had been stolen and they paid to check her credit score, finding it was higher than his. Hansson is the founder and chief technology officer at web development firm Basecamp.

Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and continues to work for the company, said on Twitter he and his wife had a similar experience with the Apple Card. Though they share all of their assets and accounts, he was offered ten times the credit limit of his wife.

“Some say the blame is on Goldman Sachs but the way Apple is attached, they should share responsibility,” Wozniak said.

Apple Card Investigated After Gender Discrimination Complaints

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