Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Freezer Malfunction Lawsuit Investigation

As reported by CBS News on Sept. 26, 2019:

Freezer fails at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, destroying stem cells from 56 cancer patients

A freezer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles failed earlier this month, leading to more than four dozen cancer patients losing their stored stem cells. The hospital said the blood stem cells were collected from patients and held in long-term storage for future use if needed.

“Earlier this month, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles sent letters to 56 patients and their families to notify them of a freezer malfunction that resulted in the loss of their child’s blood stem cells. No child’s health is in jeopardy due to this incident,” according to a statement released Wednesday by the hospital.

The hospital said the cause of the malfunction was a failure of freezer temperature sensors. The hospital said safeguards had been in place at the time, but “were not sufficient.”

CHLA Apologizes to Patient Families for Freezer Failure

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