Hazing Injury and Death Lawsuits

According to the website insidehazing.com hundreds of thousands of high school and college students are hazed each year.  As reported by TimeHank Nuwer, a professor of journalism at Franklin College who has researched and written extensively about hazing, has documented 33 hazing deaths involving fraternities nationwide in the past decade. . . In the wake of each death, a familiar pattern repeats: the victim’s parents express outrage, students mourn at a candlelight vigil and university leaders promise reforms—but too often, critics say, little changes.”

Examples of hazing include:

  • Forced activities for new recruits to ‘prove’ their worth to join
  • Forced or required consumption of alcohol
  •  Requirement to endure hardships such as staying awake, menial tasks, physical labor, running while blindfolded, etc.
  •  Beatings, paddling, or other physical acts against new or potential members
  •  Illegal activities such as a requirement to steal local items as part of a scavenger hunt

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