Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Abuse & Privacy Lawsuit Investigation

According to the Associated Press, “Nearly two dozen patients, many of them elderly dementia sufferers, were abused by employees at a public hospital in San Francisco, health department officials said [on June 28, 2019]. Patients at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center were victims of neglect and verbal and physical abuse between 2016 and this January [2019], the city Department of Public Health said. Six employees sent texts sharing videos and photos of themselves abusing the 23 patients, which included having ‘sexualized conversations’ with them, according to a department statement. A department investigation also found a pattern of patients being given ‘non-prescribed substances in an attempt to sedate them.’
DPH stated in part:“The misconduct discovered includes: verbal and physical abuse of residents; sexualized conversations with residents; neglect; privacy violations; failure to report violations; medication errors; and a pattern of inappropriate administration of non-prescribed substances to some residents in an attempt to sedate them.”

Sauder Schelkopf has a nationally recognized litigation practice.  Our former prosecutors have extensive experience fighting for victims of all ages.  Sauder Schelkopf, and co-counsel, recently reached a $215 million settlement on behalf of female patients of Dr. George Tyndall, a gynecologist at the University of Southern California accused of misconduct since the 1990s.  We currently represent survivors of clergy abuse in dioceses throughout the country.

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